Help is a software tool powered by a scanning engine which analyzes all US. (stocks, ETFs and Indices) options/credit-spreads/Iron-condors in real-time

The screener provider a user interface to filter options according to several criteria to find trading opportunities is a Sole proprietorship based in Switzerland. is not yet an established company. It is run by a veteran software engineer and trader has signed a "Platform Agreement" with Tradier Brokerage, a licensed OPRA vendor"

After defining your filters you can click on the "Run Screener" button to load the latest data of screening results

Results are sorted by the selected column. Click any one of the columns' headers to select it and toggle the sorting order between descending and ascending.

By using presets you can Save and reuse your custom filter settings

We are constantly working on new features to add.

Here is the list of the upcoming features that will be added in the next release cycle

  • Add volatility measures to the underlying instruments of options (14 days Average True Range)
  • Add more screen presets
    • Buy Calls with limited risks
    • Buy Cheap Calls (break even point 3 times lower then volatility)
    • Sell OTM spreads (margin of safety based on volatility)
    • Earnings Play- buy straddles
    • Dividend capture - Married put
    • Riskless up iron condor ... and more
  • Use Tradier account to signup and login
  • Real time price streaming on the result page for user logged in using their Tradier account
  • Add the possibility to use coupons for subscription discounts
  • Add more financial products suchs as Crypto Options and and European Options
  • Add scanner SMS+Email alerts

No we don't offer a trial subscription plan. The reason is that we offer a weekly subscription plan that you can use to test the software

Yes, you can cancel from the account page at any time to prevent future payments. We cannot refund the unused portion of your subscription, but you will be able to use your subscription even after cancelling for the remainder of the billing cycle.

We do not offer full or partial refunds, but you may cancel your subscription at any time to stop future payments.

Yes, but you can only upgrade plans without cancelling and the amount will be prop-rated so you will not be double-charged.

No, We don't store any payment information on our servers. We use as a payment processor

By using we can guarantee maximum security and transparency handling payments from our clients

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