• Are You Wasting Time Looking Manually For Option Trades?
  • Are You Missing Opportunities Using Intraday Or 15-Minutes Screeners?
Postoptions.app is a Real-Time Option Strategy Scanner
Find Option/Credit-Spread/Iron-Condor Opportunities As Soon As They Rise
Lightening fast scanning engine

We have built an engine that scans the entire US options market finding the best trading opportunities as soon as they rise

Live data

We scan and update over a milllion of data for every tradeable option in the US. We also maintain data such as fundemantals, earning events, dividends, technicals and more

Save scanner presets

You can create your own scans and access them anytime. You can also access the most relevant presets in our pre-defined screens.

Popular option strategies

Our platform makes it easy to find trade opportunities in simple option strategies such as covered calls, cash secured puts, the popular wheel strategy and also multi-leg more advances strategies such as put a& call spreads, iron-condors and more strategies will be added...

Easy Workflow

Waste no more time trying to find the best trading opportunities based on Intraday data. Use our tool to easily make consistent profitable trades based on real-time data. One you find the best trading opportunities on our platform you can use your preffered trading platform to execute the trades.

Flexible payment plans

Our payment plans follow option expiration cycles. We do provide weekly/Monthly and Yearly subscription plans. You can cancel at anytime with one-click. We accept payment in multiple currencies. We use Stripe as our payment processor.

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Naked Options

Use the naked-options real-time scanner to find Put & Call opportunities to execute simple strategies such as covered calls or selling cash secured puts

Credit Spreads

Use the credit-spread real-time scanner to find opportunities as soon as they rise. The scanner provides multiple filters and key information to find best trades suited to your strategy

Iron Condors

Use the iron-condor real-time scanner to find trading opportunities as soon as they rise.